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What people say

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Antony Baines - Director of Operations, Royal British Legion 

"Lynn transformed the way the Legion understands and manages >700 separate charitable trusts of which it is/was trustee.
  • Developing and implementing the strategy for a major cross-directorate corporate programme to change how the Legion uses its ‘Branch Property Trusts’.
  • Unlocking c.£40m from restricted funds to use for our existing and new beneficiary services.
  • Leading the Legion's communications about Branch Property Trusts across all layers of the organisation, including Trustees, Executive Board, Branches, regional and national staff and volunteers.
  • Leading the Legion's engagement with the Charity Commission to ensure support for the programme strategy and secure legal consents needed.
  • Establishing and leading a new department in the Legion."
The Royal British Legion Logo

The Royal British Legion Logo

Stephen Cooper, Former Commercial Director, Royal British Legion

“Lynn’s expertise, dedication and experience of dealing with the Charity Commission were invaluable to the Legion. 

Lynn brought focus, direction and greater clarity to the Programme, enabling us to unpick the varied and complex issues that we were facing and to ensure the best outcome for our beneficiaries.  Not only did Lynn secure the Charity Commission’s support but the targeted and open communication she led built trust and understanding with the large number of Branches affected, which was critical to the programme’s success. 

She also recruited and managed a wholly new team.  This was a major accomplishment and which contributed greatly to the success of the overall programme.  Although it represented significant changes to how the Legion dealt with its property, these changes were accomplished without problem or incident and that in itself was no small achievement."

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By Lynn Cadman 18 Oct, 2017
Check out the blog I've written for ICAEW volunteers.com about navigating change in an organisation -  http://www.icaewvolunteers.com/article/navigating-a-landscape-of-change/

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