Good governance matters

Good governance enables charities to deliver the best they can for their beneficiaries.

Governance is about the building blocks that make an organisation work. 
It touches on how you:
  • Structure the organisation to work effectively and hear the voices that matter
  • Convert your passion into a shared, inspiring but practical strategy 
  • Get the right people in the right roles and working as a team
  • Give leaders the information they need to make good decisions and keep the organisation accountable
  • Follow the law and regulators’ requirements
Good governance needs to reflect the organisation’s needs. It is not a once for all scenario: as the organisation grows and its activities expand, its governance needs to adapt with it if the organisation is going to be sustainable and flourish in the long-term. 

Mission drift, financial inefficiency or even mismanagement, and Board and/or staff disputes are all symptoms of inadequate governance.
Don’t know where to start? 
Don’t worry - that’s what Illuminate Governance is here for.
Illuminate Governance works primarily (though not exclusively) with charities. 

We’re committed to promoting good governance and ways charity law can help organisations achieve their best. 

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